Transitional Living Program

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Many young adults transitioning out of foster care at about the age of 18, are ill-prepared to live successfully and responsibly within mainstream society. They sometimes become unemployed, even homeless and may face challenges with law enforcement.

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services helps young adults facing this challenging time of change by providing an effective, results-driven bridge between living in foster care and living on one’s own.

PCHAS of Missouri Transitional Living Program provides:

  • Transitional living for girls 16 – 21 in Springfield and Columbia
  • Emergency placement for girls 11 – 21
  • Personal and professional goal development
  • Education and employment support and guidance
  • Counseling
  • Customized life skills development
  • Leadership skills
  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering
  • Health and self-care awareness and training
  • Community integration
  • Job skills training
  • Life skills training

Our hope is that the children we serve in transitional living will successfully complete their education, find gainful employment, move into their own homes and live successful, independent and productive lives.

PCHAS’ transitional living programs are located in Columbia and Springfield, Missouri.

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To learn more, contact:

Alisa Griffiths
Phone: 417.862.9634

Darla Ortman
Phone: 573-442-9916