Learning to Love Together

The Springfield News-Leader featured the Transitional Living program on its front page last June. The story begins with the residents’ new project involving rescue dogs and expands to other aspects. Writer Linda Leicht included girls at Ashley House, staff, volunteers and  perspectives from other non-profit organizations in the community, too. Read the entire article here: http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/2017/06/25/learning-love-together/409591001/ and forward the (Read More…)

Ashley House in Springfield Thanks Sunrise Rotary Club!

Our girls in the Transitional Living program at Ashley House in Springfield are thrilled with the many new changes, new furnishings and interior updates being made to the decades-old house recently, all thanks to Sunrise Rotary Club who have diligently worked to raise funds for a special grant to make it all possible. They also (Read More…)

Rotary Unites for Campus Beautification Day at Ashley House

Recently, the girls of Ashley House, PCHAS’ Springfield-based Transitional Living program, teamed up with Sunrise Rotary and Springfield Catholic Rotary Interact for an Ashley House campus beautification work day. The campus beautification day also included gardening. The Rotarians and the girls built a vegetable garden which the girls will use to plant and grow their (Read More…)

Mary Lou Casey

Q: How long have you been serving Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services and in what capacity? A: Our Bible study group from First and Calvary Presbyterian Church has been involved with the girls at PCHAS’ Ashley House for four years. Some of the activities we have hosted for the girls include a visit to a (Read More…)