Girls Foster Rescue Dogs

The girls at Ashley House are giving Truman another chance. Truman is a rescue dog, a golden collie mix, living at the Transitional Living home in Springfield. In a project called Foster to Forever, the 10 teenagers nurture a dog that has been neglected or abandoned, and prepare it for adoption. According to Alisa Griffiths, site (Read More…)

Managing Medicine for Foster Kids

Shania has a food allergy that affects her school performance, but it has not been diagnosed. Dante needs glasses, but nobody knows that. Both children are in the foster care system and, unfortunately, have fallen behind in their medical check-ups. When Dante moved in with his foster family, he changed schools, and missed a routine (Read More…)

Teen Finds Forever Home

Reggie was four years old when the police removed him from his birth family. Because his mother was mentally ill and physically abusive, and his father was using drugs, Reggie entered the foster care system. For five years, as he moved between foster homes, he showed signs of developmental delays and a learning disability. He  was (Read More…)

PCHAS of Missouri Finds Creative Ways to Help Children Heal from Sexual Abuse

How do you help an eight-year-old heal from sexual abuse? Processing feelings related to trauma is very challenging for anyone, but when it’s a child who has been abused, it is especially challenging, says PCHAS of Missouri Family Solutions for Kids Case Therapist Sara Bobbitt. Sara helps children who have been sexually abused tell their (Read More…)

Mentoring makes a difference

PCHAS of Missouri’s Mentor Program Supervisors Share Their Expertise at National Conference Jonathan LaGrone and Jason Beard, supervisors in the Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services of Missouri’s St. Louis mentoring program, have a decade of experience as mentors for at-risk children. Recently they shared what they’ve learned over the years at the third annual National (Read More…)

Why I Give: Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor is like many people of her generation: Over the years, she worked hard and saved her money. Following her career as an administrative assistant to physicians and business executives, Amy retired and now enjoys devoting her time to her family, church, and other pursuits. Just like before, she continues to make smart decisions (Read More…)

Wanda’s Story

When Wanda moved into one of our Transitional Living facilities last year, she was feeling a little lost. She was doing well in the culinary arts program at a nearby junior college and she longed for independence, but there was a lot to learn. Most teenagers’ parents teach them the life skills that pave the (Read More…)

Walter’s Story

When he was just two years old, Walter’s mother continually beat him and threatened him. When he was two-and-a-half, he was taken into foster care. Walter spent time the next decade in a number of foster homes. Each time the parents promised him long-term care or adoption, but each time the placement failed; each time (Read More…)

Mary Lou Casey

Q: How long have you been serving Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services and in what capacity? A: Our Bible study group from First and Calvary Presbyterian Church has been involved with the girls at PCHAS’ Ashley House for four years. Some of the activities we have hosted for the girls include a visit to a (Read More…)

Moving Up and Giving Back

Former PCHAS Resident Success Story Gianna comes from a family with a long history of child abuse and neglect. After many years of suffering, the Missouri Department of Social Services intervened and she was placed in Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ care. Gianna, like any child with a similar history, faced many obstacles, including crippling (Read More…)