Springfield Donor Cares for Children

There is a funding gap in caring for Children. Government funding and donations contribute toward the bare necessities for any child. Caring donors have a large impact on filling in the funding gap. Where we can, we also try to furnish non-essentials that will help a child feel loved and cared for. But often this (Read More…)

Keith’s Story

Keith came into State custody as a four-year-old. He was severely neglected and abused as a child, and had suffered from complicated medical issues due to his mother’s drug use while she was pregnant. Keith bounced from foster home to foster home, residential care settings and hospitals for many years before coming to a very (Read More…)

Walter’s Story

When he was just two years old, Walter’s mother continually beat him and threatened him. When he was two-and-a-half, he was taken into foster care. Walter spent time the next decade in a number of foster homes. Each time the parents promised him long-term care or adoption, but each time the placement failed; each time (Read More…)