You Shop. Amazon Gives.

When it comes to online shopping for Christmas, Amazon has cornered the  market. That’s why we became part of their Amazon Smile program. Amazon Smile was created so that online shoppers like you would have the chance to donate a portion of your total sale cost to your favorite charity or cause. It’s a creative, (Read More…)

Why We Give – David and Joan Marshall

As Presbyterian ministers, David and Joan Marshall were no strangers to Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, and our mission to serve children and families in need. They shared the passion of former Executive Director Jim Thurman for helping children, and their personal connection with the agency deepened as a result. Over the last 16 years, the (Read More…)

Why I Give: Lawson Calhoun

Q: How did you first become involved with Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services? A: I first learned of PCHAS through Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Church, when the congregation provided special offerings to the children’s home. I became more acquainted with the organization professionally when I worked with Executive Director Harold Showalter on a couple of committees. (Read More…)

Your Church Can Make a Big Difference in a Child’s Life

Lucy, a 13-year-old girl who simply refused to go to school, said going to school was miserable because the kids picked on her. It was true — the kids made fun of Lucy all the time. Lucy’s mother’s untreated mental illness made life very difficult for Lucy and her four younger siblings. When the school (Read More…)

Why I Give: Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor is like many people of her generation: Over the years, she worked hard and saved her money. Following her career as an administrative assistant to physicians and business executives, Amy retired and now enjoys devoting her time to her family, church, and other pursuits. Just like before, she continues to make smart decisions (Read More…)