Residential Treatment Program

Children come into our care for any number of reasons.  Often it’s because they have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Many struggle with low self-esteem and depression. Some children exhibit aggressive behaviors which can stem from being exposed to substance abuse, domestic violence or other trauma endured during childhood.

A team of professionals, sometimes along with a caring family, works with each child to create a plan of treatment during his or her stay in one our residential treatment facilities. During their time spent in our safe, monitored and structured round-the-clock care program, they receive therapy, nurture and guidance. With hard work, compassion and a determined focus on the kids, broken spirits are healed and some children are able to return home. Others move into a facility with a less restrictive living arrangement such as one of our group homes.

PCHAS’ Residential Treatment Center is located in Farmington, Missouri and serves boys and girls from around the state.

To learn more about residential treatment, contact:

Caren Mell
Residential Treatment Center

Phone: 573-756-6744
Toll free: 800-747-1855