Graduates Beat the Odds

Graduating from high school is a proud milestone. This spring four young women in our Transitional Living program are celebrating it. One of the girls, Kaylee,* reported abuse by her father, and entered foster care earlier this year. Despite coping with the trauma of abuse and the upheaval of moving, Kaylee stayed focused on graduating. Transitional Living (Read More…)


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Happy Easter

You will have pain, but your pain will turn into joy. John 16:20 Four-year-old Hana, was neglected and undernourished before finding care in a PCHAS Foster Home. Hana, based on the trauma of neglect, was fearful that she would not have food to eat. Her foster parents recognized her physical needs for food and safety, (Read More…)

The Ultimate Win-Win: Help Children and Earn Tax Credits

Youth Opportunities Program Along with the State of Missouri, we recognize and value the importance of caring for children and families in need. Through the unique Youth Opportunities Program (YOP), administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, individual and corporate donors with Missouri tax liability may receive tax credits for donations to organizations, like ours, (Read More…)

Therapeutic Mentoring Cultivates Breakthroughs

by Therapeutic Mentor David Hermanson “I first met with Peter about one year ago. He was a 17-year-old young man living with his mother and father. When I walked into their house for the first time and sat down with Peter and his mother, he seemed very nervous and was rocking back and forth.  His mother told (Read More…)

Kids Having Fun!

  The children we serve at our Residential Treatment center in Farmington, Missouri keep busy schedules outside of school, coursework and regular program activities. With a dedicated staff of caregivers and a recreation assistant, they are taken on outings nearly every weekend, much to the delight of those who have earned there place to take (Read More…)

Why We Give – David and Joan Marshall

As Presbyterian ministers, David and Joan Marshall were no strangers to Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, and our mission to serve children and families in need. They shared former Executive Director, Jim Thurman’s passion for helping children and their personal connection with the agency deepened as a result. Over the last 16 years, the Marshalls (Read More…)