Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services of Missouri Leadership

Image of African American girl in playground representing Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services of Missouri Leadership Group page

  • Robert Giegling, Executive Director
  • Dawn Couser, Director of Services of St. Louis
  • Lyle Gramling, Manager of Special Projects
  • Marsha Hawkins-Hourd, Manager of Foundations and Government Grants
  • John R. Hogan, Controller
  • Cindy Lively, Director of Quality Assurance
  • Caren Mell, Director of Services of Farmington Campus
  • Steve Mullenix, Director of Information Systems
  • Noreen O’Brien, Manager of Communications
  • Debra Paulus, Senior Development Officer
  • Kelly Turk, Director of Services of Southwest Missouri
  • Jeanine Watson, Director of Human Resources