About Us

We give kids a safe, loving place to heal and to grow when their families can’t provide that. And we offer extra support like therapeutic mentoring; foster care case management; and in-home family therapy that helps families withstand and overcome any challenges together. Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services has been helping struggling children and families since 1903. Our programs make a real difference in people’s lives, whether they’re struggling with poverty, mental illness, abuse or neglect; we are there to help. We are a non-denominational agency relying on Christian values to guide our mission in serving children and families.

For facts and figures, download our current fact sheet.

Since the agency’s beginning as an orphanage, it has grown into an organization offering a continuum of care including residential treatment, transitional living services for youth leaving foster care, mentoring, and intensive in-home care for families in crisis. In 2017 we created a program addressing the physical health of children in foster care, children who often miss out on check-ups and follow-ups. We serve an approximately 5,000 children — and their family members — each year. We believe it’s our responsibility to help, and it’s our privilege to care for them in a Christ-centered manner.

For many of these children, we are their only hope

Tragically, trauma too often consumes people’s lives, especially in childhood. It can tear children and families apart socially, educationally and spiritually. Most of the children in our residential treatment centers are severely emotionally disturbed. For many of these children we are their only hope, as there are very few centers that are equipped to care for them. We give these deserving children the treatment they need to transform their lives.

We believe that God has a special plan for each child, that the least among us deserve our devotion and care and we do everything in our power to help those we serve discover the acceptance and confidence that faith brings.

Download Just the Facts, our current fact sheet.